Why DI? 决策智能?

决策智能是下一个风口。 有80年历史的决策科学将会被人工智能(AI),商业智能(BI)和客户智能(CI)深刻地改变。最终,人工智能应用最终会对商业产出和投资回报率负责。

”到2023年,超过33%的大型组织将通过分析师来实践决策智能(包括决策建模)。“ Gartner,《2022 年顶级战略技术趋势:决策智能》,2021 年 10 月。

”预测6:到2023年,60%的企业智能计划将是特定于业务的,专为业务而构建,将数据到决策的时间缩短30%,从而推动更高的敏捷性和弹性。“ IDC FutureScape:2022 年全球智能未来预测,2021 年 10 月。

Decision Intelligence (DI) is the next thing. At the age of 80+, decision science is going to be deeply transformed by artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and customer intelligence (CI). Eventually, AI applications have to be responsible to business outcomes and ROI.

”By 2023, more than 33% of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence (including decision modeling).“ Gartner, Inc., Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022: Decision Intelligence, October 2021.

”Prediction 6: By 2023, 60% of enterprise intelligence initiatives will be business specific, purpose built for business, shortening the data to decisions time frame by 30%, driving higher agility and resiliency.“ IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Intelligence 2022 Predictions, October 2021.


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