What’s DI? 决策智能是啥?

“决策智能”的共同发明者 Lorien Pratt 博士用她的书名《链接:决策智能如何连接数据、行动和结果以创造更美好的世界》解释了这个概念。


  • 决策科学,使用一系列社会理论和定量技术;
  • 基于主体建模,使用计算和模拟模型;
  • 决策支持系统,使用计算机程序和软件系统;
  • 数据分析,使用描述性、预测性和规范性方法。

作为一个新学科,DI强调三点:数据驱动、AI优化、人类行为为中心。那么如何大规模应用机器学习? 人类决策者如何与人工智能交互协同,是人在回路还是人在监控? 如果今天自动化决策占据主导地位,明天会发生什么?希望 DI 能够解决企业和组织在采用 AI、BI 和 CI 时面临的这些挑战。

Dr. Lorien Pratt, a co-inventor of “decision intelligence”, explained the term with her book title, “Link: How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World.”  

There are many related disciplines to design, model, execute, and evaluate decision-making procedures such as:

  • Decision Science using a collection of social theories and quantitative techniques;
  • Agent-based Modeling using computational and simulation models;
  • Decision Support Systems using computerized programs and systems;
  • Data Analytics using descriptive, predictive and prescriptive methods.

As a newcomer, DI emphasize on three point: data-driven, AI-optimized, human behavior-focused. So how to apply machine learning at scale? How human decision makers interact with AI, human-in-the-loop or human-on-the-loop? If automated decisions take over today, what will happen tomorrow? Hopefully DI can address these challenges faced by businesses and organizations in adopting AI, BI, and CI.

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